With so many students and parents making big decisions about future study, it is important the all sides better
understand the options available.



Cicero Group’s CPAS service is here for you.

With expert personal statement curation and development, in-depth outlines and careful advice as to the best courses and career path decisions, application support and strategies for planning, CPAS is a valuable tool for those considering the next steps in their academic careers.

UK Consultation Experts

The UK remains the most prestigious location for students wishing to fulfill their academic ambitions, so it is essential that those wishing to study there receive the most reliable guidance available.

By engaging CPAS services, you will receive guidance and support from the most esteemed and highly regarded UK education experts.

US Study services

Crimson Education logo

Crimson Education is the world’s most international top UK and US university admissions support consultancy, with our students 4x more likely to gain acceptance to the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge and more.

Cicero’s partnership with Crimson is born of a desire to provide students with connections to trusted organisations that hold a track record of success in applications to the US and Canada. Furthermore, we hope to provide parents with the reassurance that preparing your son or daughters study path through Cicero Group is to gain access to the best, most reliable guidance available. 

Crimson’s online portal leverages technology, data collection and management into a single intuitive interface, allowing consultants to track and monitor student progress, increasing the chances that student’s will reach the school of their dreams.

Mr Aaron Hobday

UK & EU Schools and Admissions Expert Advisor, CPAS

Few people are as respected in the field of educational planning and support as Aaron. With years of experience working for leading educational providers before serving as the Asia regional head of the UK’s #1 boarding school, he brings a wealth of insight to any discussion. Under his guidance, students are provided with the knowledge and strategic insights necessary to prepare a roadmap to academic success. His linguistic versatility – being fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, German, French and more – means he can introduce a wider range of options that may suit the ultimate needs of clients.

Ms. Hiu Lam LEUNG

Academic Advisor, Crimson Education HK
BSc, University of East Anglia

Lam is a born and bred Hong Konger who, like many Hong Kong students, pursued her A-Levels at a UK boarding school. She continued her undergraduate studies in the UK at a top 25 UK university, University of East Anglia. She launched her professional career at a top multinational corporation within the human resource space in the finance industry. This has equipped her with insights to today’s competitive hiring landscape, and how high school students can prepare ahead of time for a successful career.

Xin Er (Yale Alumna)

Senior Academic Advisor & Regional Director, Crimson Education HK
  • BA, Yale University in Global Affairs and Economics (graduated with departmental honors and Latin honors)
  • Former management consultant in Washington, D.C. and New York City

Xin Er attended Singapore’s top high school Raffles Institution as Head Girl and graduated with 7 A-Level Distinctions. She was admitted to the University of Oxford’s PPE program (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) and Yale University with full-ride financial aid. She graduated from Yale with departmental honors and launched her career in the US as a senior associate in consulting firms before committing herself to the education sector. 


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