Solving study, together

The games we bring to you are not made by us. They are created by some of the best teams of developers and producers around, creating works that will influence the gaming landscape for years to come.

Why gaming matters

Despite being one of the largest and most popular entertainment mediums, the educational value contained in video games has been overlooked.

The misconception is that a game cannot be educationally valuable unless it is made to be educationally valuable. However, we learn a lot more than we realise when we are just enjoying ourselves.

Video games bring with them the pursuit of perfection and a healthy competitive platform. They are also a means by which people from all over the world can interact, share and learn.

Work with us

Are you eager to bring a new, engaging and effective teaching method into your classroom? Our team of curriculum developers comprehensively research the games that are available in search of those that best address the needs of the particular subject and learning element in question. If you are a game developer who wants to adapt their games to the classroom, or a teaching professional searching for new ways to get their students to engage with content, contact us now.


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