Game2Learn English Writing: Winter Course

Delivered during the month of December, the course will run over 10 sessions, from Dec 19 to Jan 4, for groups of up to 8 students per class. The focus is on developing students empathic writing skills through enquiry-led learning using video game elements to enhance their compositional writing.

The classes are a unique opportunity for students to combine learning with something they love – stories. English writing at Cicero incorporates gameplay as part of the learning experience.  Instructors lead students through carefully selected portions/scenes acclaimed titles using the renewed interests in stories to build on key writing skills.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Empathetic diary writing
  • Responding to higher order questions
  • Making inferences to inform analyses
  • Incorporating tone into speech

Classes during the winter course consist of 2-hour sessions, all of which are online sessions delivered on Discord. The course is suitable for students aged 11-14.

English writing course for secondary students using video games for these calendar dates.

Course Content:

  • Professionally designed English lessons
  • Complete materials pack containing 20-hours of lesson material
  • Complimentary use of tablet devices throughout the course
  • Electronic exercise booklets with worksheets available to all students
  • 90 minute ‘Learn2Game’ session (for parents) who wish to learn more

Students learning English language writing through video game based learning.

Interested in joining the winter course? Contact us now by completing the form below or via +852 9847 4764 (Call & Whatsapp).

    I have worked as an English teacher in several schools across Hong Kong in an educational career that has spanned over a decade. As a young teacher delivering English language lessons in schools, I was encouraged by the tenacity of students and the passion of the city's teachers. To build on the strong educational legacy that the city boasts, I wanted to reinvigorate the sector with innovative ideas that approached teaching from a gaming perspective. My belief: that students learn if they are taught in a way that is intuitive to them.

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