Game2Learn: English Language

Improving grammatical accuracy | Broadening student expression | Guided gaming experiences

Academic contentLogistical support
  • 10 x Professionally designed lessons
  • 20 x Exercise booklets with worksheets
  • 1 x Teacher pack containing lesson notes, plans and mark schemes
  • 1 x Suggested answer guidance for teachers
  • Lesson instructor for duration of the course
  • Videogame hardware (consoles and controllers)
  • Portable WiFi systems for fast, reliable connectivity
  • Screen casting devices for onscreen game projection

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    I have worked as an English teacher in several schools across Hong Kong in an educational career that has spanned over a decade. As a young teacher delivering English language lessons in schools, I was encouraged by the tenacity of students and the passion of the city's teachers. To build on the strong educational legacy that the city boasts, I wanted to reinvigorate the sector with innovative ideas that approached teaching from a gaming perspective. My belief: that students learn if they are taught in a way that is intuitive to them.

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