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Hand holding Playstation controller playing story mode

Storytelling in games

Our love of stories is insatiable and transcends the medium through which they are delivered. And of them all, gaming has proven to be the most innovative and successful. Red Dead Redemption 2 – the highest grossing entertainment release of all time – is one of the most critically lauded and globally adored games in […]

Boy using virtual reality (VR) goggles for story

Digital Storytelling

Stories are a great way to pass an afternoon. They are also a great way to learn. Digital story telling is something that has recently started to emerge, and aside from keeping the dissemination of stories in line with the times, it is also leading to some remarkable developments in how we use technology. We […]

Tablet on top of books on a classroom table

The similarities between reading and gaming

The instinctive reaction to anyone who says computer games can be used to learn? I don’t think you really need me to state it out loud, but it isn’t usually an eruption of unfettered support. Let’s consider, however, what may actually be shared by the traditional pursuit of the intellectual (reading) and the pursuit of […]

Woman reading on a tablet device

Language and literature studies: the tech regret

How a reluctance on the part of educators is preventing the benefits of technology from being felt in traditional subjects like literature. Many educators claim that the teaching of languages exists in a realm entirely of its own: it would be impossible to bring in technological advances as the study itself does not require it. […]

Playstation Controller on a wooden table

The Gains of Gaming

Rather than complaining about children gaming, parents and educators should be capitalising on this resource. Gaming has gotten a pretty bad reputation overtime. Games that dramatize war and violence, espionage and intrigue, fantasy and science-fiction – or all of the above – are what is conjured up in the minds of most adults today when […]

Tablet on top of books on a desk

English Lit-TECH-ture

Why bringing tech into language and literature study isn’t just necessary, it’s long overdue. It is often said that technology, whilst being able to assist with procedural and logistical aspects of school life, has little value within the subject areas themselves. Take algorithm-based services like Turnitin that scan for plagiarism, or Google Cloud submission and […]