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Cicero on Quintessentially Q Guide – August

‘Game2Learn’ English Writing Course Is it possible to reinvigorate the online learning experience? The team behind ‘CICERO: Study Solutions’ thinks so. To that end, they have created an online version of their ‘Game2Learn’ English writing course that allows students to participate from the comfort of their own homes, all the while  maintaining the interactivity of […]

Cicero on Quintessentially Q Guide – July

‘Cicero: Study Solutions’ is changing attitudes towards how we learn. Bringing together their years of teaching experience and interest in ludology, they develop wholly original approaches to the delivery of language lessons for Lower Secondary students. Pioneering innovative new ways to reignite student interest for academic study prior to the resumption of academic studies in […]

Incorporating new ways of studying in classrooms

Right now, with most academic institutions shaken by the global health crisis, educators are searching for ways to mitigate the COVID-shaped hole occupying every tier of study.   It is worth remembering, then, that for any learning strategy to become successful, it must in some way encourage independent enquiry. Students can acquire skills or information through their presence in class, but it is engagement with it in their own time that fosters retention.   (This is surely how we justify […]

Homeschool Heads-up from a Hong Kong Tutor!

The kids have been homeschooling for 5 minutes and you’re already tearing your hair out! That is exactly how many of the parents in Hong Kong felt near on 2 months ago when the proverbial ‘S#@!’ hit the fan here. So don’t worry – we know exactly what you’re going through. And while realizing that […]

Hand tapping on a virtual circle with e-learning components

Gaming and Education

As today’s young people have turned ever more to the detailed, immersive environments of video games, adults have tended to observe from a distance. Many are perplexed by the apparent pleasure children experience doing nothing more than sitting in front of a screen, absorbed in the events of a virtual world. This inability to appreciate […]

Nintendo Switch with Mario Game On

Imagination, fiction and gaming

Gaming is where creative freedom truly flourishes Our capacity for imagination is a very rare thing indeed. It is the creation of something not previously in existence, the genesis of which stems from a desire for something better, more original or different. When imagination is applied to entertainment, we enter the realm of fiction. Rather […]

Student reading outline on his laptop

Guarding against online unknowns

Youth Hong Kong March 2020 – Section Features Less than a year ago, who would have thought that Hong Kong’s parents, teachers and students would have become veritable virtuoso’s of online learning? With demands spiking across the territory, and with schools closed and students kept at home, everyone is hastily familiarizing themselves with the various […]