Solutions to Study

We want to make the learning experience as engaging as possible.

Our innovative mixed-media courses utilize video games to enhance the learning experience. We extract game content related that align with specific study outcomes and develop educational content around it.

Improving outcomes

The educational landscape is changing fast. It is therefore important to provide students with a competitive edge.

To do this, we need to be meeting students where they are in terms of a lived experience. Fewer students nowadays read typed print unless it is under instruction in a classroom or as part of a course.

Video games are an interactive way for students to engage in subjects that are traditionally textbook-based, bringing the subject material to life.

Gaming Value

The games we incorporate into our courses offer student enrichment in varying ways:

  • Encouraging social understanding and appreciation
  • Developing critical thinking and analytical awareness
  • Promoting language acquisition and development

Our rigorous assessment procedure means that you can trust the educational value of the games in our courses.

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