Cicero on Quintessentially Q Guide – August

‘Game2Learn’ English Writing Course

Is it possible to reinvigorate the online learning experience? The team behind ‘CICERO: Study Solutions’ thinks so. To that end, they have created an online version of their ‘Game2Learn’ English writing course that allows students to participate from the comfort of their own homes, all the while  maintaining the interactivity of the group learning experience.’

Delivered via a co-led ‘Instructor/Assistant’ set-up, the course combines English writing development with videogame content in order to develop student competencies in key areas of syntax and style, fostering an appreciation for story telling in the process. Lessons culminate in the production of compositional pieces that include core skills sought in Secondary English exams, perfected over the previous 15 sessions.

What’s more, parents are able to participate in the class too, experiencing first hand what it is their children are learning. This popular course is expected to fill soon, so contact CICERO and join their videogame learning journey.

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